Dr. Ezzoubair Bendadesse

Topics of research

– K-ion solid state batteries.

– Na-ion liquid batteries.

Educational background

Doctoral degree : 2020-2023

France, Paris, Sorbonne University, Collège de France.

Accurate Internal Monitoring of Batteries by Embedded QCM sensors. Under the supervision of Prof. Jean-Marie Tarascon and Dr. Özlem Sel.

Masters: 2019-2020

France, Tours, Tours University, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques.

Development of Novel Electrolytes for Redox Flow Battery Application. Under the supervision of Prof. Meriem Anouti.

Masters: 2017-2019

Morocco, Marrakech, Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques.

Development of Phosphate Based Electrode Materials for Li-ion and Na-ion battery application. Under the supervision of Prof. Ismael Saadoune.

Bachelors: 2013-2017

Morocco, Marrakech, Cadi Ayyad University, Faculty of Sciences and Techniques.

Reducing Downtime of Phosphoric Acid Production Lines.

Awards & Accomplishments

– September 2020:

Process engineering program scholarship, Doctoral school ED388, Sorbonne University.




– Quartz Crystal Microbalance cell design to probe anode or cathode interface of electrochemical cells under real working conditions

E. Bendadesse, O.Sel, P.Travers, JM. Tarascon. European Patent 23315366.7. Under revision.

– Disclosing the Interfacial Electrolyte Structure of Na-Insertion Electrode Materials: Origins of the Desolvation Phenomenon

K.Goloviznina, E.Bendadesse, O.Sel, JM.Tarascon, M.Salanne, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.

– Spotting Interface Structuring during Na‐Insertion into the NaSICON Na3V2(PO4)3 by EQCM and Operando Fiber Optic Infrared Spectroscopy.
Ezzoubair Bendadesse, Charlotte Gervillié‐Mouravieff, Cédric Leau, Kateryna Goloviznina, François Rabuel, Mathieu Salanne, Jean‐marie Tarascon, Ozlem Sel, Advanced Energy Materials.


Identifying interfacial mechanisms limitations within aqueous Zn-MnO2 batteries and means to cure them with additives

Ivette Aguilar, Pierre Lemaire, Nawfel Ayouni, Ezzoubair Bendadesse, Jean-Marie Tarascon, Energy Storage Materials.

– Deciphering the Double-Layer Structure and Dynamics on a Model LixMoO3 Interface by Advanced Electrogravimetric Analysis

E.Bendadesse, AV.Morozov, AM.Abakumov, H.Perrot, JM.Tarascon, O.Sel, ACS Nano.