Dr. Santhosha Aggunda Lingamurhy

Topics of research

 – solid-state lithium- and sodium-ion batteries

 – conversion-type anode materials

 – metal-sulfides and phosphides as anodes



 – Santhosha, A. L., Medenbach, L., Palaniselvam, T., & Adelhelm, P. (2020). Sodium storage behavior of exfoliated MoS2 as electrode material for solid-state batteries with Na3PS4 as solid electrolyte. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C<link>

– Brehm, W., Santhosha, A. L., Zhang, Z., Neumann, C., Turchanin, A., Martin, A., … & Adelhelm, P. (2020). Copper thiophosphate (Cu3PS4) as electrode for sodium‐ion batteries with ether electrolyte. Advanced Functional Materials, 1910583. <link>


 – Santhosha, A. L., Nayak, P. K., Pollok, K., Langenhorst, F., & Adelhelm, P. (2019). Exfoliated MoS2 as electrode for all-solid-state rechargeable lithium-ion batteries. The Journal of Physical Chemistry C123(19), 12126-12134. <link>

 – Santhosha, A. L., Medenbach, L., Buchheim, J. R., & Adelhelm, P. (2019). The indium-lithium electrode in solid‐state lithium‐ion batteries: Phase formation, redox potentials, and interface stability. Batteries & Supercaps2(6), 524-529. <link>