Educational background

 Scientific Degrees

Dr. rer. nat. (10.2009 – 07.2013): Physics (magna cum laude), at Institute for Applied Physics of Condensed Matter, University of Potsdam, Germany Supervisor: Prof. Dr.-Ing. Reimund Gerhard

Professional career

 Current Position

Group Leader “Electrochemistry” in the department for Electrochemical Energy Storage (department deputy) at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin

 Scientific Development

– Group Leader:

Since October 2019 on permanent position

Since January 2017 group leader “Electrochemistry”

Since July 2014 junior group leader

– Postdoc:

Since August 2013 post-doc in the group of Prof. Dr. Matthias Ballauff, Institute for Soft Matter and Functional Materials, Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin, Germany.

University Teaching

University of Potsdam:

Stand-in for standard lecture course “Experimental Physics” for bachelor students (4x)

Mentoring exercise group for 4 semester (8 SWS)

Coception of own lecture course for master students (“Electromechanical Transducers”) within Junior Teaching Professionals Program (2 SWS)

Mentoring of advanced physics practika for 2 semesters (4 SWS)

Humboldt University Berlin

Stand-in for lecture course “Physical Chemistry” for bachelor students (2x)

Lecture “Mathematik I für Kombibachelor (MAT) in WiSe20/21 (3 SWS)”

Lecture “Mathematik 2 für Kombibachelor (MAT) in SoSe21 (3 SWS)”

Approved Grant Projects

– 2011-2013: German WING program within the PowerAct project (FKZ: 13N10684)

– 2019-2021: BMBF „Energie- und Klimafond “ HiPoLiS project @ HZB (FKZ: 03XP0178B)

– 2019-2021: Project within DFG Priority Programm SPP 2248 „Polymer-based batteries”

– 2021-2024: BMBF „Batterie 2020 Transfer “ SkaLiS project @ HZB (coordinator)



Number of publications: 33 (5 selected)

Patents: 2

h-index: 19 (Google scholar 01/2021)


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