M. Sc. Muhammad Aleem

Topics of research

Dynamic and innovative Battery Cell Research Engineer, offering extensive experience in battery cell engineering and testing. Proficient in coordinating and mentoring tasks within battery technology test fields, with a strong background in material synthesis, cell production, and electrochemistry. Adept in organizing and tracking tests, devices, and materials, alongside a deep understanding of battery cell performance criteria

Educational background

Doctoral degree

PhD (Hybrid Polymer Electrolytes for Lithium Metal Batteries), HU Berlin

2024-Prsent Under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Philipp Adelhelm

¬†Master’s degree

Master of Chemical and Energy Engineering, OVGU Magdeburg,Germany

October 2014-March 2018

Master thesis : Influence of Substrate and Electrolyte on OER

with Ir based Catalyst (Supervised By Prof. Dr Kai Sundmacher)

¬†Bachelor’s degree

Bachelor of Chemical Engineering, PU Lahore, Pakistan

Bachelor Thesis: synthesis of Lithium selective cation exchange membrane

Professional career

Battery Cell Researcher, TU Berlin 2021-Present

Led the SAFELiMOVE project to do the life cycle assessment and recycling study of battery materials

led the development of battery prototypes, focusing on battery materials’ electrochemical characterization and performance testing.

Managed laboratory operations, optimizing work processes and ensuring quality control in material analysis.

Investigation and optimization of battery cell performance parameters (Lifetime, safety, power )

Conducted High Throughput Testing (HTT) of ASSB battery materials, enabling rapid evaluation and optimization of battery cells.

Synthesis of Hybrid solid electrolyte for fast charging of lithium metal batteries

Research Assistant, MEET Battery Research Center October 2019-January 2021

Involved in hands-on training and supervision of students in the field of battery research, focusing on sustainable practices and green technologies.

Contributed to the development of curricula for battery technology courses, ensuring they met the needs of the evolving industry.

Played a key role in the Open Cell Module project for Li-Ion & Li-Sulfur Batteries, contributing to the solid-state synthesis of MnO2 and synthesis of SPAN for Li-S batteries.

Stabilized cathode material for the Li-S system and optimized the system for long-term stability.

Conducted extensive electrochemical and safety investigations for Li-S batteries.

Projects Involved



– The ZIB Project