M. Sc. Zhenggang Zhang

Topics of research

 – lithium- and sodium-ion batteries

 – solid-state batteries

 – sulfide solid electrolytes



– Brehm, W., Santhosha, A. L., Zhang, Z., Neumann, C., Turchanin, A., Martin, A., … & Adelhelm, P. (2020). Copper thiophosphate (Cu3PS4) as electrode for sodium‐ion batteries with ether electrolyte. Advanced Functional Materials, 1910583. <link>


 – Ohno, S., Bernges, T., Buchheim, J., Duchardt, M., Hatz, A. K., Kraft, M., Zhang, Z., … & Tsuji, F. (2019). How certain are the reported ionic conductivities of thiophosphate-based solid electrolytes? An interlaboratory study. ACS Energy Lett5, 910-915. <link>

Awards & Accomplishments

 – 2017-2021 CSC study scholarship (China Scholarship Council)

Program: Ph.D. scholarship

Educational background

Doctoral degree

 – Humboldt University of Berlin, Germany (2020-present)

Program: Chemistry, Prof. Adelhelm

Thesis topic: High-performance solid-state batteries (SSBs) by use of high capacity (Li/Na) anodes and sulfide solid electrolytes

 – Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena, Germany (2017-2019)

Program: Chemistry, Prof. Adelhelm

 Master’s degree

 – Chinese Academy of Sciences, China (2014-2017)

Program: Chemistry; Prof. Wen, Prof. Cui

Thesis topic: Study of the porous protective structure for stable lithium metal anodes

 Bachelor’s degree

 – Liaocheng University, China (2010-2014)

Program: Chemistry; Prof. Zhang

Conferences & Visits


 – September, 2019: Aachen, Germany

GDCh – Wissenschaftsforum Chemie 2019, Chemie – das gemeinsame Element

Poster topic: Transition metal sulfides for all solid-state batteries

 – May, 2019: Jena, Germany

Bunsentagung 2019 – 118th General Assembly of the German Bunsen Society for Physical Chemistry

Poster topic: Transition metal sulfides for all solid-state batteries


 – November, 2018: Jena, Germany

1st Na-ion battery workshop

 – November, 2018: Frankfurt, Germany

Third Bunsen Colloquium on Solid-State Batteries

 – April, 2018: Berlin, Germany

The 30th CGCA, Academic Annual Conference of the Chinese-German Chemical Association