5th International Sodium Battery Symposium

September 23 – 25, 2024 in Berlin, Germany

Sodium-ion batteries (SIBs) based on abundant elements are an attractive alternative to lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries. Research on SIBs gained a lot of momentum in the last years and is fueled by press releases of several companies around the world on using the technology for stationary energy storage and electric mobility.

After events in Jena (SBS-1, 2018), Dresden (SBS-2, 2021 online), Berlin (SBS-3, 2022) and Dresden (SBS-4, 2023), this fifth Sodium Battery symposium is organized as an in-person meeting.. The scientific symposium will focus on recent trends and discoveries on

  • Electrodes and electrolytes for sodium-ion batteries
  • Solid electrolytes / solid-state batteries
  • Intermediate and high temperature Na batteries
  • Towards commercialization
Location and Hotels

The 5th International Sodium Battery Symposium SBS-5 will take place at the Technology Park in Berlin Adlershof, one of Germany’s largest high-technology locations. Adlershof is a hub for many scientific institutions including the Berlin synchrotron facility BESSY II, Helmholtz Zentrum Berlin and several institutes of Humboldt University Berlin. The location can be conveniently reached by public transport (15 minutes to BER airport, 25 minutes to central Berlin).

If you prefer to stay close to the conference venue, the following hotels are recommended.