It’s Christmas!

We had a lovely evening at the Christmas market, enjoying glasses of warm Glühwein in the festive atmosphere. Afterwards, we enjoyed a delicious Christmas dinner at a Georgian restaurant, rounding off the evening with a delicious culinary experience.

Chinese dinner & Festival of lights

Tasty dinner at Kong restaurant in Friedrichshain and a bright evening on the Berlin Festival of Lights.

After cycling – “only co-intercalation is faster”

For the first time in its history, the Adelhelm Group entered a team in the annual Adlershof Firmenstaffel, a local running competition. Each member of the team was pleased to have exceeded their own expectations. But it was not only the performance on the course that was good, the support from the other team members was amazing as well, providing a great deal of encouragement and support.

Team event of 2023
 It was an exciting boat ride with the team to explore the city from a new perspective. At the end of the day, there is nothing better than having a drink together to remember these beautiful moments.
Indian Dinner
In the midst of the cultural experience, bonds are strengthened and cherished memories are created of a delightful evening shared with colleagues over delicious Indian cuisine.

Evening out

Experience an extraordinary evening at the Biergarten Yorckschlösschen, where a celebration of music, laughter and wonderful company will stay in your heart for a long time.

Chinese barbecue 
It was a fantastic afternoon enjoying Chinese barbecue. Big thanks to everyone who contributed to its success!
Ukrainian Dinner 2
Another dinner in a Ukrainian restaurant is hard to resist! and especially when it is finished with a drink. it was a wonderful evening!
Team event of 2022
Not only had fun but also learned a lot about what is edible in the trees and underground at the workshop “Foraging and Nature Walks”. A momentous day can only end with a well-deserved beer!

Evening out

A wonderful evening with the group! What could be more enjoyable than drinking some beer at the Golgatha Biergarten and having fun all the time!

Ukrainian Dinner

Nice dinner in a Ukrainian restaurant. Good food, amazing liqueurs and especially matchless decorations

Science meets sport and culture

Team event of 2021 at Teufelsberg, a former listening station which is now run by artists. After a long 20km walk in the Grunewald forest, we enjoyed a cold beer with a breathtaking view

Sowjetisches Ehrenmal Treptow

A cultural trip to the impressive Sowjet war memorial in Treptower Park in Berlin before our well deserved beer!

Nitrogen ice cream!

Lab-Made Ice cream against the heat!
It’s ready in few minutes. No one can resist it and everyone is yearning for more!

Hiking trip near Wiesenburg (Mark)

Went on a fun and quite long hiking trip on the international art trail! 20 km through a forest, eating at a restaurant outdoors, visiting a really old café, and testing different ice cream flavours – all in all, a great day! =)

Visit to the Festival of Lights in Berlin

Spent some quality group time together eating out at a restaurant and observing the beautifully lit landmarks of Berlin’s city center. Starting at Senefelderplatz, walking through the famous Museum Island and by the Opera, visiting the Brandenburg Gate, and finishing at Potsdamer Platz, the evening was a great opportunity to talk and share a few laughs outside the workplace.

Carnival in Jena

Had fun at the carnival in Jena, ate some cotton candy and rode the Farris wheel.

Evening out with the group

Went to a nice German restaurant, talked and laughed a lot =)
Then ended the evening in a pub by playing cards!