AG Adelhelm partner of large national project ENTISE on Na-ion batteries

The ENTISE project lead by Varta AG aims at developing Na-ion batteries in Germany. Our team will contribute with cathode material development and NMR measurements. Further information can be found here

Goodbye Houlin!

Big thanks to Houlin, our temporary assistant for supporting our group – we will miss you!

And welcome back Cristina!

Goodbye of Yongchun

After receiving his PhD degree Yongchun is carrying on his research career at Uppsala University in Sweden. Thanks for being part of the group, Yongchun!

Congratulations to Nadezda and Lorenzo

During this DBU-funded stay, Nadezda will be working under the supervision of Dr. Archana Kumar on the investigation and characterization of aqueous/nonaqueous sodium insertion ion batteries.

Lorenzo will be working under the supervision of Dr. Neelam Yadav on the study of manganese oxides from mining waste as lithium-less and sodium-less electrodes in aprotic batteries, in a shared project with Brutti group thanks to an Erasmus+ Traineeship scholarship.

Congratulations to Dr. Yanan Sun and Dr. Guillermo Alvarez Ferrero from the Adelhelm Group who were awarded 2024 - School of Analytical Sciences Adlershof (SALSA) short term research projects

Yanan will be working with Dr. Florian Ruske from the electron microscopy core lab (CCMS) at Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie (HZB) on “Cathode-electrolyte interface studies by scanning electron microscopy and energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy on Air-Sensitive Layered Sulfides for Na-Ion Batteries”. Guillermo will be working with Dr. Brian R. Pauw in the Bundesanstalt für Materialforschung und -prüfung (BAM) in Berlin on “Small-angle X-ray scattering of graphite through solvent co-intercalation in sodium ion batteries”. Further information on SALSA can be found here

Humboldt Research Fellowship for Dr. Archana Kumar

Congratulations to our Postdoc Archana Kumar on receiving the Humboldt research fellowship by AvHStiftung. Best of luck with your research!

Good bye of Meena, Josias and Gustav

Meena Ghosh, Gustav Avall (not on the picture) and Josias are leaving the group end of the year. Thanks to all of them for being part of the team – it was great to have you here! Meena is moving to The Netherlands, Gustav returns to Sweden and Josias will finish his PhD work in Brasil. Good luck for the future!

Prof. Adelhelm becomes member of the Advisory Committee of the Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt)

Prof. Adelhelm was elected as member of the Advisory Committee of the Bavarian Center for Battery Technology (BayBatt) which is located in Bayreuth. Find more here

A new Dr.!

We are pleased to announce that today, Yongchung Li successfully defended his doctoral thesis titled: "Aging mechanisms and cation doping effects of Ni-Mn based layered oxides as cathode materials for Na-ion batteries". Congratulations and good luck for your future endeavors!

Master thesis defended

Winni defended his master thesis on “Characterization of the Kinetic Properties of Glyme-Based Electrolytes for Sodium Ion Co-Intercalation in Graphite via Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy“!
Congratulations for a very successful thesis and welcome to the group as forthcoming PhD student.

A new Master!

Cristina defended her master thesis on the intercalation of solvated potassium ions into graphite. An early step for the groups activities on K-ion batteries. 😊 Congratulations Cristina and welcome as a PhD student!

Top 100

Prof. Adelhelm selected as one of the 100 most important persons in science in Berlin

Tagesspiegel: „100 Köpfe der Hauptstadt-Wissenschaft 2023“

Sie stehen zwischen Mensch und Maschine

Die 100 wichtigsten Köpfe der berliner Wissenschaft 2023

Poster prize for Dr. Yanan Sun!

Yanan attended the International Sodium Battery Conference (ICNaB) in Liyang, China, and won a poster prize for her contribution on layered sulfides as cathodes for Na-ion batteries. Congratulations Yanan!!
Moreover, we drove a EV car with Na-ion batteries!

Goodbye Christiaan!

Thanks to Christiaan for being part of our team! Christiaan is a master student at Utrecht University (Prof. Peter Ngene) and studied in the last half year cathode materials for Na-ion batteries with Yanan.
His stay was also supported by the HZB international program. Hope we stay in touch!

Prof. Adelhelm to hold the Debye Annual lecture at Utrecht University.

Prof. Adelhelm was awarded to hold the Annual Debye lecture at the Debye Institute for Nanomaterials Science, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.
Title “Na-ion batteries: Energy storage based on abundant elements”
The lecture included meeting former colleagues Prof. Petra de Jongh and Dr. Peter Ngene. And of course the day had to end in a beer bar at a Dutch canal.

Visit by Prof. Kaghazchi

Prof. Payam Kaghazchi from Forschungszentrum Jülich was visiting us to discuss the structure of layered oxides for Na-ion batteries. Thanks for a great lecture on “Mechanism of incorporation of dopants into layered oxide cathode materials”. The cooperation with Prof. Kaghazchi is funded by the DFG.